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INRxS Cornish Rex Cattery

FDA Product Insert
(Feline & Dog Administration)

(Felinus Cornwallius Rexum)

Molecular weight: deceptively heavy for their size and appearance.

Description: a colorful, odorless (litter box aside), feline characterized by curves in all aspects of countenance. The coat consists of short, close lying fur that lays in tight, Marcel (washboard-like) waves of a most soft texture. The large ears are set high on a relatively small, egg-shaped head. The head upon profile presents the characteristic "roman" nose and a strong chin. The body can be likened to a Greyhound's with an arched back, a "tuck-up" abdomen with small waist, a long neck and long refined legs rounded out by a long "whip-like" tail. A very muscular small to medium sized feline that has well developed thighs suitable for propelling the cat at great speeds and high jumps.

Catacology: Felinus Cornwallius Rexum (FCR) rapidly and completely integrates into the very being of most humans, irreversibly changing their lives (for the better). Using their extremely affectionate and people-oriented personality, they permanently alter humans' perception of what a cat should be.

Mechanism of action: It is not clearly established how FCR work, but studies indicate that they may have transient neurocatmitter telepathy that ingrains a feeling of comfort and relaxation directly into the brain of a human.

Absorption & Distribution: FCR is rapidly absorbed into the family unit becoming an indispensable part of daily life. Distribution should be by reputable breeders (such as INRxS) who have spent time, effort and money developing healthy, well-adjusted felines. FCR from pet shops may have "impurities" that could affect proper absorption into the family routine and could adversely affect the duration of action of the FCR.

Metabolism and Excreation: Food, water and litter for a newcomer should be carefully discussed with the provider of FCR.

Side effects:
  • Altered human perception of what a "normal" cat should look like
  • LPCS (Lays Potato Chip Syndrome - Betcha can't have just one)
  • "Tennis Neck" from watching the wild and animated antics of FCR
Warnings: Due to the highly active nature of FCR, homes with many breakable collectibles should be advised to put such crystal, china, and porcelain objects behind a glass enclosure.

Adverse Reactions: Contrary to popular belief, Cornish Rex are not hypo-allergenic. Those with moderate/severe cat allergies should consult with their health care professional before buying. Due to the nature of their coat, FCR may be tolerable to mild/moderate allergy sufferers where other breeds may not.

Over dosage: The lethal dose of Cornish Rex has not been established.

Dosage and Administration: Although a single dose of FCR may elicit the desired effect, multiple doses often enhance this effect. It is recommended that FCR be dosed on a PRN (as needed) basis.

How supplied: Although FCR come in most every color & marking imaginable, INRxS has solid blacks and bi-color (and van) black & whites, blue & whites and torties. In addition, INRxS has those colors' tabby counterparts and others including red, red & white, cream, cream & white, brown, brown patched, blue patched and brown patched & white.

- Call 636-464-4821 (St. Louis, Missouri area)
- Or E-mail INRxS Cornish Rex Cattery at:

Pet kittens and "retired" show or breeders are available on a reservation basis only.
We do NOT ship our cats/kittens.
Mark and Sharon McKenzie
INRxS Cornish Rex Cattery
Imperial (St. Louis), Missouri
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