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INRxS Cornish Rex Cattery

Cornish Rex

INRxS Cornish Rex Cattery

...GREETINGS fellow feline fancier...

Thanks for checking out INRxS Cattery during your web search.

Our name, INRxS, is pronounced "in rex-cess".

We chose our cattery name because one of us is a pharmacist!  So you can expect to see lots of apothecary, drugstore, and pharmacy art intermingled with the kitten pictures!

Give us some feedback on our new website design. We'd love to hear from you!

. . . Cattery Communiqués . . .

danger, poisonYou should be very careful during the holidays to assure that your cat does not get hold of tinsel, turkey bones, poisonous seasonal plants, gift ribbons and other items that they are not used to having around the rest of the year. New things attract cats like magnets.
Be vigilant and thoughtful during the upcoming season.  

Also, of particular importance to owners of these active cornish rex:

  • Breakables: Keep those breakable keepsakes and family heirlooms behind glass if possible. cat in the bag
  • Candles: Avoid leaving candles unattended!  The flickering flames are just as tantalizing to them as a scuttling mouse or a flitting insect.  
  • Chemicals: While it is popular to put bleach or other chemicals in your Christmas tree water, your Cornish Rex won't discriminate between this water and the water in his dish, your sink, or your toilet bowl.   Not putting these chemicals into the water is a good idea, and a covered tree holder (one that entirely restricts access to the tree's water supply) is an even better one.
prescribedDoes your cat have or has he/she developed an unwanted behavior such as:
  • poor litter box habits?
  • aggression with other cats or humans?
  • excessive "eating" of wool or other materials?
bad kitty

Ask your vet about trying a course of behavior modification medications.
If you want more information about this, please write to me at

usefulCornish and cold weather:snowflakes
Although the coat of the Cornish Rex makes them unsuited for outside dwelling especially at this time of the year in cold climates, they do quite nicely in the fall and winter inside the house even if you keep your house very cool. While it's true that they do not have the same coat density of most other felines, they sure have more "fur" than a human does! If you can stand it, they can, too. (note: a sick or very young Cornish can always use a little extra "climate consideration".)

dropDid you know....
  • Cornish Rex is both singular and plural? (one doesn't have 4 "Cornish Rexes")
  • You should use a DILUTED bleach solution to clean out the litter box once weekly.
  • It's not recommended to use one of the new "concentrated" bleaches on the market.  Concentrated bleaches contain a chemical that may be harmful to your cat.

Mark and Sharon McKenzie
INRxS Cornish Rex Cattery
Imperial (St. Louis), Missouri
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