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GREETINGS fellow feline fancier...

Thanks for checking out INRxS (pronounced "in rex-cess") Cattery during your web search.

All of our kittens come with a written health guarantee, a veterinarian certificate of health, and all kitten shots completed. INRxS is a feline leukemia / FIV negative cattery. We feel the top priority in breeding any pedigree cat is health.

Next most important is temperament. Not only do we select sires and dams based first on temperament to assure a genetic predisposition for an outgoing and loving personality but we raise all the kittens "under foot" keeping them in the mainstream of household activity from about 4 weeks of age on (they are born and raised for that first  sounds, scents and activity are our two Italian Greyhound dogs who are quite concerned with the comings and goings of the kittens. All joking aside, the dogs’ presence is a positive influence regarding the kittens’ ability to adapt to households with dogs, children and the like that often times will spook less well adjusted cats.

Our passion is tabby marked cats (see page of description of tabby markings). We breed for this marking, but do get solid and non tabby bicolors from time to time. One of our in-house studs is a handsome seal point and several of our queens are point carriers, so we will have pointed ("Siamese" marked) kittens from time to time as well.