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"Your prescription for happy, healthy Cornish Rex."

 While you're waiting for further developments on the INRxS website, we have a few wonderful announcements!

INRxS Cornish Rex is proud to announce a whopping litter of... . . .ONE!
Oh, but she is a cutie.  Our favorite - a brown patched tabby and white!

Photo is taken at 6 days.

Also, a big hearty welcome to the INRxS family to the following who now
share their home with a Cornish Rex from our previous litter out of GC
INRxS Belladonna
and GC StarStruck's Fubar of INRxS:

  • Don & Karen Sydlowski and Gretchen of St. Louis - TWO BABIES to go with
    their two Great Danes (congrats): red mactabby male they named Angus and
    a black and white female they named Phoebe.
  • Sean & Kristen Williamson from Springfield, MO - brown tabby and white
    female they named Elsie to share their new apartment and life in Austin,
    Texas (yippee pardner).
  • Faye Mullins of Fairborn, OH - tortie, registered name, INRxS Maalox
    Moment (thanks for your support, Faye, our dear friend and co-breeder of
    this litter).

P.S.  The brown patched tabby (INRxS Donnatal) is staying with us for a show
Mark McKenzie
INRxS Cornish Rex